“Writing as a Profession” is a resource about the joys and the pitfalls of living the writer’s life. The entries result from over 40 years of career experience. The blogger, St. Leger “Monty” Joynes, has published more than 20 books including novels and biographies. He is recognized as a pioneer author in the Visionary Fiction genre for his five novels in the Booker Series.

In 2015 his libretto for the oratorio The Awakening of Humanity was premiered in France. His war fiction and poetry have appeared in many anthologies and journals, and his award-winning combat story published in  Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors (Nov.  2012) was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His non-fiction magazine feature articles number in the hundreds.

As an author and journalist, Monty shares his personal encounters with celebrities in the blog. He met authors William Faulkner, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, and Scott Momaday as well as entertainers Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, Telly Savalas, Richard Pryor, and Danny Thomas among others. His blog entries on General George Patton, Julius “Dr. J” Erving of basketball fame, and Israeli statesman Yitzhak Rabin are read almost every day on the Web.

The blog also shares the development of Monty’s new works like Confessions of a Channeler (2014) and For Love and Treasure: The Life and Times of the World’s Most Successful Treasure Hunting Family (2015) .

Monty’s wife Pat both suggests the content and designs the blog. Blog readers will thus get an immediate sense of the writing life through the documentation of Monty’s exciting personal career journey.

Visit Monty’s website

Monty’s Facebook page

Monty’s Booker Jones Facebook page

Monty’s Email: montyjoynes@gmail.com

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  1. Jackie Trudel-Lane

    Dear Monty, YOU are the Grand Canyon of words……This is what comes to mind when I read about you…..I am honored you have been a piece of my life…Thank you from my heart…..Peace, Love and Harmony, Jackie Trudel-Lane

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