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Channelling Wisdom: A Video Project

The WoodsWisdom and insights about how human beings can end conflict and prejudices and bring about world peace is usually associated with spiritual gurus.  What if common people channelled wisdom?  What if you, yourself, offered a simple plan to help everyone regardless of color, religion, gender, or age to become peacemakers?  What if that plan had a name no one had ever heard before?  What if you introduced that name to millions of people?  And what if those people felt the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding for themselves?

I invite you now to become the producer and director of a video that introduces the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding to an audience that you can reach through your website, blog, Facebook, or as a You-Tube posting.  You will need to draft six individuals to speak the dialog.  The objective is to cause the viewer to pause and seriously consider how the mind itself is the cause of conflict or, when aware, it becomes the instrument of peace.  The place in the mind and body where peace occurs is called the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.

Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is a term that sounds silly at first, but all wisdom has its paradoxes.  One learns that the name of an experience is not the experience itself.  So have fun in staging your production.  Cast three male speakers and three female, and costume them to represent the multicultural aspects of our planet.  We are all Caucasian, Oriental, Hispanic, Black, East Indian, Native American, and everything in between.

Lost in LV cover no name

After casting and rehearsals, video each unique character in the twelve segments against a neutral background in medium close-ups.  If you cut or dissolve from character to character, you can make them appear to be aspects of a universal personality.

The following dialog for your Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding video is copyrighted and will appear in the book Confessions of a Channeler in 2013, but you have my permission to use the dialog for the purposes of this project.  Imagine the fun of seeing hundreds of characters on video speaking these lines and the meaningful conversations that will result.

I hope that the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding dialog inspires you to participate and that its message rings true to you.  Perhaps we can change our conflicted world.


©2008 Monty Joynes


Greetings to you, my relatives, whoever you are, and wherever you are, on this planet Earth.  You have summoned me to speak about the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, and so I am present.

The world as we hear it, has many voices, and we, in our conditioning of race and nationality, make judgments about the validity of what is told to us in voices that are different from our own.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Speaker is not of any particular ethnicity.  The Speaker is male, but his sex is irrelevant to what is being considered.  For our interaction, the Speaker has no nationality, no allegiances to any government.  Nor does the Speaker avow any religion or propose any orthodoxy or theology.  The Speaker does not pose himself as a teacher or guru.  The Speaker, in actuality, is you.


 Thus, the Speaker is not present to give a lecture.  This interaction among us is not intended to impart occult knowledge.  Please do not take notes.  The Speaker’s words are not important if the experience of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is not made personal.  It is the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding that we must share.  Any knowledge about it, any explanations of it, are useless.  Therefore, one must go into the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding in the spaces between the words of the Speaker.

Bass Lake fall


The experience of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding lies in the silences between the chatter of the monkey mind.  The monkey mind, you see, is ever chattering.  It is the noise that prevents the sound of silence.  The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is ever present and ever lasting.  The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is within each breath that is breathed.  It is both in the coming in and in the going out.  The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is Life Itself.  It is this realization that is called Enlightenment and Salvation in the concepts of religions.  All religions have as their goal the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  They call this by many names.



The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is called Christ Consciousness, and it is called Samadi.  It is defined as the Grace of Saints, or the presence of the Holy Spirit.

But what is all this theology worth if the human being does not have this experience for the self?  And what kind of Creator would make this experience dependent on some specific orthodoxy that is practiced across the world and not available to any human being located in remote places beyond the religious civilizations?  The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding must be available to every human soul if it is true.  It must be universal.  It must replace fear with love, and violence with peace, on any plane, and in any dimension.  It must be true both here and there.  On the Earth and beyond the stars of our universe.

Woodhaven Lane light


When one is filled with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, this truth is self-evident.  Do not pose questions about its nature.  First, fill yourself up with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, and then see what questions arise.

When one is filled with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, there is no possibility that fear or guilt or conflict can enter.  When the heart and the mind are filled with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, then the behavior of the individual is compassion and generosity.  There is no lust.  There is no greed for the one filled with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.


One does not strive for the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  One does not search for what one already possesses.  Rather than effort, the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is felt at rest.  It is found in the surrender of the mind’s ambitions.  It is found in thoughtless awareness.  The metaphor is that of life emerging from darkness into light.  You see, suddenly everything becomes clear.  Suddenly the individual life senses its purpose, and there is fulfillment where there once was emptiness.  This is the happiness that life recognizes against the illusions of struggle and conflict.  There are both the small and the large aspects of living.  There are both the subatomic and the vast expanses of the universe that represent Reality.


All of this is encompassed within the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  What is the need for astral projection if the soul dwelling in the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding is All That Is?  There is only one Soul, you see, and this Soul is the totality of existence.  The sense of being individual, the sense of being special, are merely false ideas that separate one from the other and the self from the Reality of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  No one, no thing, resides outside the circle of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  One cannot be apart from the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  One can only deny it, and choose to suffer in the conflicts of darkness.

Bass Lake heart


You may be asking, how am I to function in the world if I am so taken up with the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding?  How am I to work?  How am I to take care of my family and friends?  How am I to build a future?  And so I ask you to please observe a flower that struggles as a seed that emerges from the ground and then grows into great beauty.  What does the flower do but to act according to its own nature?  And so it is with the human being who is also rooted in the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  If the person is true to the nature of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, the person will grow so that its behavior brings forth beauty.  Life for all is a season of existence so that we might experience the sense of our fulfillment.  Does the seed know the beauty of its final flowering?  Let growth and behavior arise out of the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding, and the struggles of circumstance are effortless.  Neither do they toil, nor do they weep.  This is the priceless gift that surrounds us in existence.


What appears as hunter and prey is the flower’s cycle of existence that is accelerated.  Every atom of existence is transmuted with everything and everyone becoming the other.  We are both the hunter and the prey in the very moment of sacrifice and survival of the body.  There is no loss or gain, however, for all interactions occur within the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  The science of contemporary human beings realizes that this is so.  And so it is when the sage is confronted with the paradoxes of behavior, and the people complain bitterly of their trials and loses, the sage must ask the ultimate question:  Is that so?

Is it so that your life is a hopeless trial of pain and disappointment?  Is it so that there is no fulfillment or happiness in this life for you?  Is that really so?



If your experience in this lifetime causes you to renounce life, then I say to you that it is time for you to become the flower.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground and be silent.  Look upward to the sun and the stars and surrender to the growing that is still within you.  Surrender your ambitions as you surrender your past disappointments.  Rest and allow the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding to emerge as the content of your mind and heart.  Meld yourself into the one soul of creation, that which we call the Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding.  The Fu-Fu-Ding-Ding will then do all the work of behavior, and you will be free to observe yourself as an entity that is free to play in the universe of Beingness.  You are no longer this or that.  You are pure being, as is true for every atom that exists.



And so, the wise thinker that you are, you must now ask the Speaker, is that so?

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